Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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First, lets start off with the definition of oppression. Oppression is the “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.” In today’s society, the need to control others is everywhere. In the world of media, male or female, we like to control how they look, what they wear, and how they act. If one does not “go with the crowd” then we frown upon it.  I feel as if oppression may effect men more than women, because emotionally damage is far greater than physical damage. The first reason why males are effected by oppression is because they are taught as a young child to be tough and “men don’t cry,” but as humans, everyone cries and we should embrace men to show how they truly feel. Secondly, society should allow men to be more in touch with their sensitive side. Most women bitch and complain because a man does not show enough emotion or affection when as a society we bash men who are “pushovers.” Third, we expect men to be dominant. I know as a very dominant woman, I do not want a man who is as tough headed as I am. Everyone is different and I feel that if we allowed men to be whoever and whatever they feel then things would go a lot smoother. Fourth, if a man is not “the provider” then he feels less of a man due to society. What troubles me is females are told to do what makes them happy regardless of the income, but what if males were told that? Men are lead to believe that they have to make the most money and sacrifice aspirations just to provide for the family. Lastly, I feel that males are taught to gain masculinity you must have sexual experience or to be “good with the ladies” and for a man who is not any of these things might be called gay. Talk about emotional damage, being called gay by your guy friends would do the trick. I feel as women, we set a double standard. We can’t want an emotional man, but then say he is just like a girl. When realizing how oppressed men are, we also have to realize if we want them to embrace who they are we must be willing to accept it.


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  1. very astute observations. change is difficult to navigate & negotiate.

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