Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Oppression within males

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Men are supposed to always have it together, they are supposed to be emotionless creatures who hide their true feelings, right? The answer is no. However, in today’s society, a man who portrays his emotional side may be considered less masculine than a man who chooses to hide his emotions. This, my friends, is an every day example of oppression. I find beauty in individuals, not just males, who are in touch with their selves enough to differentiate between the things that trigger their emotions…happiness, anger, sadness and curiosity and freely express them. Most people today seem to lean the term ‘oppression’ towards women rather than men. In my opinion, men suffer from oppression as much as women do. Let’s discuss how emotional restrain can harm a man. First and foremost, I believe the main thing emotional restrain can influence is a man’s spirituality. I’m not talking about religion either. Have you ever heard of a person’s spirit being broken? If a man bottle’s up his emotions long enough, it will begin to ware on his self image, his confidence and possibly even his nature and character. It’s sad to me that men feel like they can’t express how they feel because people may view them as weak or incapable of leadership. Not to mention that mentally, emotional restrain can most definitely ware on a man’s sanity. Think about it, a man has so much built up emotion that it starts to influence his thought process. His emotions continually run through his head and don’t allow him to think clearly because he can’t express how he is feeling. Lastly, physically, which to men themselves may be the most significant. Men do not generally wear their emotions in their every day demeanor like women do. A man who is subject to emotional restrain could become unbearably stressed causing weight loss or gain, sleep loss, ect. All things that change physical appearance. These are just a few factors that emotional restrain can affect. There’s many more including work performance and attitude. As you can see, Frye understood that men were supposed to be emotionally restrained in the eyes and opinions of society. Form your own opinion, but I myself believe that men should be able to express their emotions as freely as women do without being judged or viewed as weak. I view men in touch with their emotional side as strong and courageous. So I’ll leave you with this quote by Frye herself ”We hear that oppressing is oppressive to those who oppress as well as to those they oppress.”


One thought on “Oppression within males

  1. very nice use of Frye’s arguments about oppressing. And good argument about men & emotional restraint.

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