Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Emotionally Restrained Men/Women

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I think culture portraying men to be emotionally restrained and women to be physically restrained can be harmful in many different ways. When guys look at girls they think puny, small, or weak. Women view themselves very differently. We think we can hold our own against men and a lot of women are not as weak and small as men think. But when you have society looking at women as weak individuals then us women start to question how strong we are. When you look at spiritual, women tend to be the ones who in some countries still don’t have a say so in anything they want to do. Men are superior and that’s how it should be. I think women don’t get as much credit as they should.

Society portrays men to be strong and in charge so when they show emotion and weakness it’s wrong or makes them look like they are being babies. Mentally i’m sure it’s hard on men for society to think that way because you have to put on a front. When men are upset they can’t really show it because they are suppose to be strong and emotionally stable. Everyone has emotions and it shouldn’t be different when a man or woman cries or shows how they feel.

I think society shouldn’t put labels on certain people, gender, race or anything in that matter. We should all be looked at equal because we all can accomplish what we want and should be able to act the way we want without it being looked at as wrong or different.


Author: connatser2014

Smile, Today's a new day! My name is Joslin Connatser. I am a student at East Tennessee State University! I hope you enjoy!

One thought on “Emotionally Restrained Men/Women

  1. this is really interesting “But when you have society looking at women as weak individuals then us women start to question how strong we are.” i’d like to know more about this, maybe an example that you were thinking about .

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