Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Frye’s Oppression

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While reading Frye’s Oppression, it truly led me to believe that women are more oppressed than men and in many ways as well. Some ways women are physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally restrained as mentioned in the reading is how women are seen in the US in regards to sex. The author speaks about how if a woman is sexually active she is considered to be wild or called rude remarks but if she is not active sexually she is considered stuck up, “lame”, or things of that nature. Another thing that caught my eye in the reading is when it speaks about how if a women dresses one way she is somehow seeking sexual attention, but if she dresses the opposite, many assume that she does not care about her appearance. Does this stuff really matter? Our society is all messed up in my opinion. For example, in class today we spoke about gender and identity and how we perform gender. I think this closely relates because it’s like we are taught as children to be a certain way and to stick to it. Like as a women, you are told to dress a certain way and to act a certain way, if you do the opposite of what is “normal” as a woman I think that easily puts you in as bait for oppression because of the fact that if you don’t  go by the “norm” you are automatically  judged or treated a certain way.


One thought on “Frye’s Oppression

  1. you asked a very important question, “does this stuff really matter?” you may not think so at this point in your reading, but i hope that you’ll make the connections as we learn together this semester.

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