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Miss Representation

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I thought Miss Representation was a huge eye-opener to how women are presented in media. What really surprised me was the reason why people did not hire women directors for movies. The reason was just because they had a list, and whoever was on the list would be considered. That was shocking because it was not because of women’s ineptitude to direct a film, but because women were not who people usually used. They kept with the custom of doing things instead of trying something new.

It is also degrading how people judge professional women by their clothes, how much skin they are showing, and their looks. Women newscasters are an example of this. People judge them on their appearance instead of the story that they are reporting. Men, especially, are guilty of this. They judge the newscaster on how low her cleavage is, whether it is too much or too little. They also judge her on her attractiveness as to whether they will listen to her. This is wrong. It should not matter what someone looks like, but how well she delivers the news.

I think I will use my power as a consumer and stop watching television shows and movies that treat women as an item instead of as a person. If many women get together and do this, then the media will get the message. They will see that their ratings have dropped and, hopefully, change how they want the public to perceive women. This will dramatically help our children because they will see more positive aspects of women instead of women being degraded. It will help boys grow up knowing how a woman should be treated instead of a piece of meat. Girls will also grow-up being more confident because they will have better role models.


One thought on “Miss Representation

  1. learning how things work “behind the scenes” is eyeopening re: that people work with who is on a list and aren’t open to new experiences or unknown quantities. but, as “talent” they are invested in their careers and want a lot of control over their identity and how it is portrayed or produced. Still, as a creative person, one should be open to challenges and growth. But, who knows?

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