Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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How I felt after watching Miss Representation

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While watching the  movie, it had me feeling all kinds of emotions. I even shed a tear (I do not know if anyone noticed). The part of the movie that made me so emotional was in  the first beginning when all the young girls were speaking. It touched me when one of the girls started to cry when speaking about her sister that was not of perfect weight according to her fellow classmates. I guess I took it personal because I have younger sisters and I always tell them to love themselves no matter what anyone else feels. Once a person has that mindset, they will have the confidence to make it through.

As far as gender norms displayed in the media, I never noticed how bad women were put down in the industry until after watching that movie. The movie really exposed me to a lot, I was literally sitting in class with my mouth open because of disbelief. But, now that I am aware, it is only right that women try to change things around in a positive way. I can use my power as a consumer by limiting how much TV and other media I partake in that do not portray woman in a correct way and  I can step up to  be more of a leader to young girls growing up in our current society. I say this because in today’s time it seems that a lot of young girls are trying to grow up too fast, I have witnessed it. Especially, on websites like Facebook. I see young girls at the age of 12 or maybe younger on there showing their bodies and I always wonder where is the guidance? Do they not have anyone to teach them to have the ultimate respect for themselves?


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