Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“Miss Representation”

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I really liked the documentary because it showed gender biases especially in the media. I’ll be the first to admit that I watched “Gossip Girl” mainly for Blake Lively. I stilled loved Blake Lively even though in the show she was completely objectified. It always bothered me, but until I saw a clip of her in “Gossip Girl”from “Miss Representation” I never thought what a big deal it was.

I guess I have a personality were I based a lot of what I do off morals, or even just how I feel about circumstances. When I watch T.V. I  think that it is fine they act like that, but that’s not really me. I never thought what influences media could be. Yeah, Blake Lively is cool. I would kill for her looks since she really does wear tons much make up. I love her legs because I have long legs too. I would rather be like my mom, Jonna Franzke (family friend), or my grandmother. I would rather be like them, because I see exciting, funny, and strong women. The only thing I know about Blake Lively is what I see from media, and if i really sat down to know her I doubt she would not be like the characters she portrayed.

I am a christian, so I always hear about how my fellow christ following guy friends struggle with how the media objectifies women. They always ask us not to be that. I think it is cool that they would want to do this. My point is it depends on the person. Are they going to let media control how they look at themselves, other people, or most importantly themselves?

Documentaries like this are important. I learned a lot from it, and so much of it is true and eye opening. People just need to take the next step by actually doing what they are made aware of. They need to have self confidence to be themselves and not what other people want they to be. Others will still blame the media, and say it’s to hard to change since the media will not. I am certain that one person can make a difference.

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