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Miss Representation

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While I watched Miss Representation, I believe I felt myself growing more feminist than ever before. I truly feel as if women are treated like slaves. We are slaves to men, media, peers, bosses, we are slaves to everyone including ourselves. We can not do one thing without it being judged and picked through word for word. These women in Miss Representation shed a whole new light on how I perceive things. There are truly no female power movies. This opened my eyes to see that even the movies I thought were for women, were actually just using women to make the men look better or show that a woman’s life is not complete without a man. I believe that America needs more women in EVERYTHING. We need to be directing movies, producing movies, being vocal about every little detail. The world would really see a difference if women were taken out of the spotlight and put behind the making of these things.

And as for the media in the news, I believe we should put men in their seats. I want to see all male news anchormen in skirts, a silk blouse, and a blazer with heels on, sitting in the woman’s seat trying to earn America’s respect with just his words and intelligence. I think we would learn how intelligent he truly is and realize how much females really have to work to achieve little things. I just really wish American would get their heads out of their asses and see that “hey, were all on the same team, we are all equal and we will not degrade any race, gender, sexuality, or religion anymore because were just making it worse on ourselves.” If we could change the small things it would ultimately erase the bigger issues.

Lastly, the women in politics is what really pissed me off. Women can really do NOTHING without it being judged. Sarah Palin cannot be pretty and Hillary Clinton cannot be a bitch. Let me just say that all women and men have proven to be “bitches.” If a women is vocal about her opinion and stands her ground she is a bitch, but when a man is not on the top of the totem pole and not assertive he is called a bitch. But thinking about this, that is two completely different definitions of a bitch. One is powerful, one is not. Does America even know what they are talking about? No. Women need to stand their ground and run for these high positions in the government and represent for every female out there that we are not pieces of ass, but instead we are intelligent, graceful, powerful women. While watching this movie I do have to say I felt like the women who were on this movie should stand more ground. I mean media is all over them so why don’t they say those things when the camera turns on them on Fox News? I’m tired of women being pissed off behind closed doors. You’re in the light so prove these men wrong. Women all over America are waiting patiently on their couches  with a glass of wine, looking for a woman on TV to just go the hell off and say “women rule the world so fuck off.”


One thought on “Miss Representation

  1. i’m glad you had a powerful response to MR. i wish there were power movies for women. or books, art, anime, music, etc. while it’s important for women (and men and all people) to pursue work that fulfills them, creating content presenting diverse characters and points of views and putting that out there is so essential. And so EASY today. Technology is cheap and the tools are easy to learn and content is quickly distributed so that most anyone’s voice can say in your perfect words: “women rule the world so fuck off.”

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