Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Miss Representation

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I thought Miss Representation was a real eye opener. I learned that our society is shallow and the media plays a huge part in that. We let the media dictate and tell us what is considered attractive about a woman and what is not considered attractive with the rap music videos of the half naked women grinding on a car while there are guys around her. It is very disturbing to see that women are being viewed as objects and while I believe those who treat women like objects are at fault so are the people who encourage this type of behavior to continue particularly those women who do participate in those half naked rap music videos. I believe that behavior shapes attitude and when young girls do watch those rap music videos they will have that attitude where they think it is alright to participate in this type of behavior because they are so young and naive. This type of behavior will continue until women in those half naked rap music videos take a stand and realize they deserve better and could do better. Another part of Miss Representation that really caught my attention is when Hillary Clinton is refereed to as a bitch which I find degrading. Hillary Clinton is actually a good politician but she does get unfairly criticized for coming off as a bitch. I think her being a bitch is often mistaken for the passion that she has for her job. During the 2012 presidential race vice president candidate Paul Ryan came out of the gate very intense and criticizing President Obama and his policies and nobody said a word about his attitude. We live in a world where we are surrounded by shallowness, hypocrisy, and double standards. Until we drastically change our views in how we perceive women there will always be that large gap between men and women when it comes to equality and fairness.


One thought on “Miss Representation

  1. Great observations. one of the “double binds” women encounter in the workplace, or in the media, or politics–as you observed with Clinton–is that you can be liked & nice or be successful & a bitch. in other classes students and i discussed women in rap videos with re: how the performers exploit the women in the videos. students expressed that the women in the videos know what they’re getting into and there should be no sympathy for them: they’re in the video for career exposure, or for free because they like being objectified or find value in it, or want to have a fleeting moment with a musician. i explaining that this dynamic goes to the heart of the interchangeability/disposability of women, young women in particular, in music videos (of any kind, not just rap, hip hop).

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