Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Miss Representation

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I found the video Miss Representation extremely interesting. I’ve never noticed the ways that women’s voices are masked and how media portrays women. It honestly irritates me that people view women as “incapable” of taking on leadership positions. Media makes women out to be the nurtures in a home rather than the bread winners. In TV shows there are always male hero’s rather than female. On the news we usually see male political representatives speaking rather than female. Women are used as infatuations. Media makes women feel like they need to look a certain way to fit in. There’s commercials of Victoria Secret models with large boobs and toned stomachs, long legs and quote “perfect faces.” Those commercials make women feel like they need to look like that to be beautiful. Women suffer from the issues that they do because of the way media has perceived us. There needs to be something done about it, women are not objects. We are people that have voices that deserve to be heard. We are just as capable as any man, and society needs to step back and recognize that. 


One thought on “Miss Representation

  1. now that MR has raised your awareness of how women are portrayed by the media & how women’s voices are silenced, how will you consume media differently?

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