Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Miss Representation

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While watching the film Miss Representation I learned that media has a major effect on how women are viewed by other women and by males. The effects that it has are substantial and have changed for the worse over the years. The media has influenced the change of the norms of what a woman should and shouldn’t be. They have done this by showing types of women that almost impossible to be like. For example, in the film they should a picture of a photo-shopped model and how the real model looked like. That image is unattainable however many women think they have to look how the media says they should. This change in the norms also influences how men see women and they will treat women disrespectfully because in media women are used as sexual references. This affects women in leadership roles because they are viewed differently because of the standards that media puts on women. Media treats women very badly. Media uses them for one purpose and that is sexual references especially in films with men as the main characters.

Not only does the media affect women but it also affects young girls. It teaches young girls that they have to meet a certain standard at a young age. This affects their ability to enjoy childhood like they should. Young girls grow to worry about their appearance at such a young age and it should not matter to them. Also, this will lead to them discriminating other girls at a young age because of how the others look or do not look.

I really enjoyed the film and thought it was eye-opening. Personally, I have also struggled with body image because of how other people tell me I have to look. This showed me that there isn’t a certain way that one has to look and the standard is only in place because the media has taught others. There should be something done about the way media projects a certain image a woman should have because that will lead to younger generations having more issues with themselves. This can also partially answer the question of why more younger people are committing suicide, because more people are following the standard and discriminating against those that don’t fit the standard. Of course this will not answer every case because each is different but it could provide some insight on some cases.


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  1. i’m glad you focused on the effect that media has on young viewers. it’s important they either see a variety of images so that they have perspective about what the real world is like, or they have someone watching with them, as Geena Davis mentioned, who can help them critically examine what they’re seeing and ask questions about what is being presented to them and why? What is missing and why? Who is there and why? I like how you applied what you learned from this video to your discipline and what its implications may be for your professional practice in the classroom and with youth.

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