Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Miss Representation

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I thought Miss Representation  was an excellent documentary. Watching tv from day to day, gender is something I don’t take note of very closely. Of course, we have hundreds, if not thousands, of movies with all similar plots. The married man has an affair with the hot young girl, he realizes how boring his wife is and they new couple ride off into the sunset making passionate sex every night. These story lines, among others, is what is dehumanizing women. Women are looked at as objects or an empty body, worthless and incapable of having any success. While I have always been aware of the stereotype “men are stronger, smarter, better, etc.” I assumed it would stop in elementary school. Watching the documentary, I realized this never stops. The most irritating piece of this documentary for me was the female newscasters being insulted and dismissed on the air. The women, just as qualified, if not more than the men, were spoken to like they don’t belong on tv and that their opinions were irrelevant and wrong. This made me want to slap every man in the face and pray they aren’t actually married. Growing up in a single mother home, I was taught at a young age that I have the same abilities and can be just as successful as any man on this earth. It is about time men and women alike learn this.

Girls rule, boys drool.

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