Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Stuck in the Past

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There was one concept mentioned in Miss Representation that really got my attention, and that was when a woman mentioned that it is really bad for men in America. I never really think about how men have a stereotype they have to live up to because I’m always complaining and ranting on about inequality and how it is unfair that men can do whatever they want. It never occurred to me that there might be some men out there that do not wish to be the stereotypical tough guy.  They are not allowed to show weakness, emotion, or even compassion towards a woman. As I continued to watch the movie, I kept asking myself why men haven’t tried to speak up about this issue. Women have been speaking up for what is right for decades now. Finally it hit me! People look to those before them for answers. Women of today have many role models to look up to. For almost any issue there has been a woman brave enough to act upon it. In the movie, Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice mentions Sally Ride, the first female astronaut. She says that if Sally would of waited for another woman to take the jump, she would have never become an astronaut. Men have not changed their behavior or attitude of being emotionally constipated because it is still not supported by society norms and there has not been enough men to step up and bring this issue into the light. Each generations continues the idea that every man should be tough because their only role models, grandfathers, uncles, fathers, and  brothers, have as well. Just days before watching Miss Representation, I had just watched another great film called North Country. This film is about the first major successful sexual harassment case in the United States. The movie takes place in the Minnesota Coal Mines in the 1980s.  Women were being abused by the men and all it took was one women, Josie Aimes, to stand up and lead the way for women of the future. The movie also showcases how men abuse women just because it is what they were taught to do, regardless how they really feel inside. The movie audience sees that during Josie Aimes rape case where Josie reveals that she was raped by her high school teacher. Bobby, one of the men that attacked Josie at the mine, had witnessed Josie being raped but lied on the stand in court. The lawyer eventually got the truth out of him and all Bobby kept saying was, “What was I suppose to do?” He was scared of not being considered a “real” man for showing signs of weakness and showing sympathy and support for a woman. Even though he knew what she had gone through, he still mistreated her just because that is what all of the men before him had done. I think it is about time that a man stands up for what is right and breaks this cycle. This vicious cycle not only affects men emotionally, but, just like Josie, it also affects women.


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  1. i love the way you connected information from MR to North Country. and that you wrote about how men and women need to stand up for one another and support each other when wrongs are being done. NC is one of my fav movies, though it’s rough to watch. I considered having it be one that y’all watched for class because it is so powerful about women’s issues in the workplace and deals with violence, sexual harrassment, and other issues. But, I’m thrilled knowing that you discovered it on your own.

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