Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women in today’s media

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I really enjoyed the Miss Representation video.. I was honestly so stunned by the statistics as a whole and it really had me thinking that I have been to blind at what is going on in the world with women and oppression, objectification, abuse, and discrimination. I think all women should at least see this video once because it really makes an impact. Even with the great progress women have made, we are still battling one huge issue which is objectification. Not only are we as a country supporting these ridiculous visions of what women look like that give men as well as our self low self esteem if we allow it to.. and it’s hard not to look at a 5’7 women 120 lbs and not feel some sort of inferiority. I never thought about the pressures of women news casters in the media until this film, I could see from their interviews that they have had some run ins with the producers and viewers and how they expect them to look and dress. I never noticed how much prep and time women take to look the way they do on television, and oddly enough they are usually co anchoring with some old overweight or unattractive male.. but who is going to say anything to them. And one big thing that hit me is if we (women) stop letting these advertising companies sign contracts with women and letting them be airbrushed and editing to look a certain way, or women stop selling themselves to magazines, this could really make a difference. Women need to say NO, you can take pictures of me just as I am.  Men wouldn’t have so much to look at that is construed, and maybe women would spend more time with other things. They could see we all are strong and beautiful people just the way we are naturally. I think men are responsible for these negative expectations of women, but women in some areas women can and need to stop joining the media and letting them be treated this way at the same time.

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