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Orange is the New Black: The most cliche show I’ve seen in a while.

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So this Piper lady comes off as like a majestic, beautiful, nice white lady who is totally a hero because she “should be in jail for how bad she was”, immediately making the audience predispositioned to like her, Piper, the nice beautiful white lady. Everyone in the jail thinks Piper the nice beautiful white lady is cool and the, i dunno if it was a sheriff or what, but the officer in charge was like “come on, you’re a nice beautiful white lady, so you should be someone who’s in charge around here”. Is it true that she really was like “oh shucks, sir, i can’t, i’m trying to lay low” followed by a flash of a smile and shy eyes at some invisible camera? No. No that did not happen in real life. Very sensationalized. Suffice to say, it reminds me of those movies where there’s a school in the ghetto that’s failing and the kids are in gangs and then “nice beautiful white lady” comes in and suddenly everyone’s like ‘oh nice beautiful white lady, you’ve made everything better! Thank you!’. Watch this to prove my point: 

I think Mrs. Piper most likely got a little bit of favoritism in jail, but they really oversensationalized it in the show. I left class a bit early cause I was a little sick of the HBO-typical “i’m gonna throw in the F-word and blowjobs so that way people feel like they’re watching something controversial” thing. Not to say I am upset with Rebecca for asking us to watch it! Definitely not saying that, but I went home so I could look it up online and skip through the super awkward bits. 


One thought on “Orange is the New Black: The most cliche show I’ve seen in a while.

  1. first sentence: she SAID “she should be…”. i may edit this later.

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