Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Orange is the New Black

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In Orange is the New Black, Piper is a privileged woman. One reason is that she is a white woman. Another privilege is that she is a college graduate. She is also privileged because her parents are rich and are in the upper class. In this episode, when Piper’s mother visits her, you can tell that her mother thinks that she is above the inmates. She even tells Piper that Piper is better than this. Even when Piper tries explaining to her mother that she is no better than the other women in the prison because she also committed a crime, her mother still snubs her nose at them. I think that she cannot stand the thought that her daughter is equal with other criminals of a different class.

Another thing that surprised me was the race segregation in the prison. It was strange to me that each race had their own spokesperson. It was like the women themselves were putting distinction between each other because of race. I just did not think that it would be the inmates to put themselves in groups based on race. One of the inmates was trying to explain it to Piper and she told her to think of it as the 1950s. That just seems like a shout out to me how outdated their beliefs are.


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