Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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This was the first episode I had seen of the series and I thought it was quite interesting. I was taken aback at the beginning with the picture of a women’s behind and thought it was a little too much that they kept showing the picture (maybe it’s just me!). However, it was definitely something that grabbed my attention.

Racial stereotypes were on fire in this episode. Piper, the favored one of the show was, of course, a pretty, skinny, white woman coming from a privileged background. Her mother came out and said Piper didn’t belong in jail and she’s “not like the others.” The head officer said himself that Piper is the type of woman who should be in charge. Just a thought, but when is a woman of color going to “be the type who should be in charge”? The stereotypes kept rolling with the portrayal of the black prisoners. They were often all together being loud and saying vulgar and threatening things to others. The hispanics were similar when campaigning, suggesting all the changes they will bring to the prison cafeteria and what foods they were missing in jail. And likewise, the ditzy white girl claiming she loved Jesus and preaching about forgiveness (seemed alot like mockery, but regardless, it was still a ditzy, minor character in the show). Society’s stereotypes were definitely there, however, I found the episode interesting and will most likely look into other episodes in the series!



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