Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Orange is the New Black

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Yesterday in class was the first time I have ever heard of this show. This show is one of the most stereotypical shows that I have seen. To start off with, the prison is broken up into groups based on race. That does not happen typically in prison. Most of the time it is broken up based on gang relations. This show assumes a lot about the different races. For example, it assumes that all black women are loud and obnoxious. Also, it is based on a white woman, which she is chosen to have a role in power. Why could there not be a black or Hispanic woman in power? Not only do they stereotype on race but also age. There was a group of elderly women in the prison too. Another example of stereotype that I seen was when the women were running for the council, the Hispanic women talked about bringing in taco Tuesday, tacos are more of a tex-mex food and not true Hispanic food. There are honestly too many stereotypes to point out from this show, it is just full of them. White power was another issue within the prison. Most of the guards shown, were white males. There was two exceptions of a female guard who was new and a black male guard. However, most of the men in charge were white. With that, the white inmates gained more privilege. For example, they had control over the TV and Piper was a favorite of the main guard. Overall, I did not like this show at all. I felt it was too cliche for me to watch. However, some might have liked it because it did contain some humor but the show was incorrect on a lot of different aspects.


One thought on “Orange is the New Black

  1. I think a lot of it was based on the book that Piper wrote, so odds are the breaking off into groups, etc, probably did happen. It’s the portrayal of it that was super appalling, though.

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