Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Orange is the New Black

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The episode I saw during class was the first time I had seen the show. I honestly liked the episode. It was enough to get me to watch the whole series. I understand many people are turned off by this show for its obvious stereotypes. Piper certainly is the favored inmate. It is not a surprise that she would be an attractive white woman that comes from a privileged background. Her mother is  the epitome of a wealthy white woman and mother. She believes her child is too good to be in prison and believed her daughter would not have to be in there if they had a better lawyer. She is the person that believes that as long as you have a lot of money, you can do no wrong. I thought Piper’s reaction towards her mother was a message from the writers telling the audience that regardless how much money you have, if you choose to break the law, you will end up in the same place as everybody else who commits a crime. What I found interesting was Nicky. She, just like Piper, had a privileged background. She, however, is not attractive, she was a drug user, and she mentions that the only mother she had was her African American nanny. I really liked that contrast. Not all “rich” people are the same. All the stereotypes were extremely obvious. The black girls are loud and angry. The white southern girls are all about religion. We saw the Hispanic girls being portrayed as ignorant. We also see the stereotype that Hispanic women have children at a very young age with the relatively young mother and her grown daughter. It is assumed that she had her daughter as a teenager. I think these obvious stereotypes are completely intentional. I believe that stereotypes have some truth to them. They had to come from somewhere. I think it is a great way for the audience to realize that we still judge people and that most people do act in these certain ways to some extend. It is also a great way for the audience to understand that people like Piper are going to rise to the top. I liked how they showed the other girls working hard on their campaign and the white rich girl that did nothing ended up winning.  That is a reflection on how society is today. People like Piper will always have an easier time getting what they want. It did bother me that she is over-sensationalized on the show, but I understand that the show is about Piper,thus making her the star. I would be outraged if this was a fictional series, but since it is based on true events I cannot judge. I can only watch it, take in all point of views, and try to learn something positive from the show.


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