Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Orange is the New Black

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I have always heard good things about Orange is the New Black. However, the episode we watched in class was the first one I’ve ever actually watched. The episode was not only extremely vulgar but it also had sexist and racist themes. The black girls were portrayed as ghetto, the white girls were portrayed as holy, and the hispanic women were perceived as skanky. The show also portrayed cops as shady. The show demonstrated white privilege by the big guy over the jail pulling the blondie aside and telling her she’s not like the other people in the jail. It is extremely segregated as well, the different races all only hang out with each other. The episode also had a lot of lesbians. It’s almost suggesting that if you’re a girl and in jail, you’re lesbian. Which is not always the case. Besides the scene that showed a secret relationship between the cop and the prisoner. The episode made jail seem like a joke. It made it look like jail is one big party and you can pretty much do anything. That definitely downplayed the seriousness of how jail actually is. I found the show super interesting and will continue to watch it. 


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