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Orange Is The New Black Racial Stereotypes

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After watching Orange Is The New Black I could not help but to notice some racial stereotypes right of the bat. For example, when all of the inmates where on the table campaigning, the heavy set African-american woman insisted that the cafeteria served fried chicken and she was very loud throughout the episode and those are two common stereotypes. I am roommates with someone who is African-American and for the most part he is very quite so I fail to see how this stereotype applies to every African-American person out there.  Television shows and movies make it seem like every African-American person is like this. Some of the Caucasians on the show were stereotyped as Christians which is another common stereotype. I do not believe that this stereotype is accurate because some Caucasians are not Christians. I am aware that the girl in the show did have a southern twang in her voice but there are some southerners who are Christians but they are not deeply religious. For example they may believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior but they do not go to church or make it obvious as to what their religion is. The biggest stereotype that I saw involved the characters of Piper Chapman and Alex Vause and they were portrayed as lesbian lovers. I am not sure if they intended it to be stereotypical or if it was just purely for story line purposes. Either way it did come off as stereotypical because of the setting of the show being in a prison and regardless of gender the common stereotype is that homosexuality does go on in prison. The television show itself is great and I believe that the racial stereotypes are nothing more than for entertainment purposes because after all this is a television show trying to attract viewers.

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