Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Racial Stereotypes: “Orange is the New Black”

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Though the episode was intriguing, I really was offended by the level of stereotyping that went on. Though I am sure it happens quite a bit in real prisons, but it was so sensationalized. Every group in the episode had major stereotypes against them, but the ones that bothered me the most were against the Christian women. Yes, there are Christians that act like that, but that is definitely not the majority, and it bothers me that this is the way Christians are portrayed in every medium out there. The level of radical thinking was insane and completely unrealistic in regards to the general population. Another stereotype that bothered me was against African Americans. The entire episode was basically spent trying to express how loud and gross African Americans are portrayed within society. These stereotypes are often held against the race as a whole, without looking at individuals. I also think that the woman who ran on a platform based on healthcare, etc. and the way she was treated really spoke volumes about these preconceptions, and the fact that the women would rather have fried chicken and water-beds than better health care was completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Overall I really just think that the whole episode was grossly sensationalized and I really did not enjoy it, though I do feel it gave insight in to the situation.


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