Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Orange is the New Black

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 Wow, Orange is the New Black is something complete new to me as far as content goes. I was  little uncomfortable with some of the language and things they talked about.. but I think that is normal considering I haven’t been to prison or anything even similar to it. But I think that’s the point of this series, it takes you out of our comfort zone and I think it’s very informative on how other people are living their lives. The race separation I think gives them a sense of belonging if that makes any sense even though it is very wrong, this is jail. I love that they use “Piper” as a WASP that goes to prison for her involvement with her lover who is female, for drug smuggling. That in itself is a huge eye catcher in itself, for people who are just hearing about the show like myself. Seeing how these women not only portray themselves, but how they see others outside of their race is truly shocking.. I was alittle confused as to what they were trying to portray with the officer and the latino woman and their relationship…Other than maybe they were trying to show a cops way over taking power over a female..? Or maybe showing that inmate/police officer relationships really do happen and its not just a myth.  It is extremely vulgar but I’m sure most of it is 100% accurate and not just for show ratings. Her mother sees her as different because of their family name and their money, even though she is in jail for the very same reasons as many other women of color are… “you’re nothing like THESE women.”  The end of the episode when the elections were announced was a great cliff hanger because Piper wins something for doing absolutely nothing, which doesn’t go over well with the inmates. They try to give the women a sense of importance and representation with these elections but clearly that back fires. I’m not sure if I would watch the show many more times because I don’t really understand pipers role because she really wasn’t very strong in the episode and I couldn’t get into her character other than she’s a “rich white girl that doesn’t fit into this jail scene.”



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