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Orange is the New Black

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“Orange is the New Black” was kind of surprising to me. It showed a lot of different stereotypes. When all the girls are standing in the lunch room and they are all separated in their little groups and trying to get people to vote for them it was very different. I’m not use to that because things are a lot different know and usually not set apart by our race anymore. But they were saying things like “i’m black and want fried chicken” and things along that matter and i just could not believe how big of an assumptions that was and that they said that. There is such a big stereotype that all inmates are lesbians or close to it and that episode also through that in there. I feel like most prisons are not even like how they portrayed it in the show. I highly doubt they are that broken up based on what race you are. I didn’t expect so much racial stereotyping to go on in that episode.

In jail Piper is portrayed as the white lady who has everything and she is nice to everyone. When she met her mom her mom told her she should not be in there and that she is not like all the other women in there. Piper explains that she is no better than anyone else in there and that she deserves it like everyone else because she made bad choices. The funny thing is that she is the prettiest one on the  show and white and that typically will make her the main character. She goes into the sheriffs office and he even says how she is good looking nice and should be in charge. Is that not stereotypical as well. I feel like in almost all shows the main character has to be the best looking and most of the time she is white. It is crazy how many shows will do that. That was the first time i had ever heard of “Orange is the New Black” and I will honestly say i did like the episode (even though it was VERY stereotypical and pretty predictable most of the time) and i wanted to watch more.


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Smile, Today's a new day! My name is Joslin Connatser. I am a student at East Tennessee State University! I hope you enjoy!

One thought on “Orange is the New Black

  1. agreed that the white girl stereotype is offensive. even more offensive is the “white girl who has everything” stereotype. hello, not all white girls are rich. I get sick of people assuming that I am, and the catty meanness and pendantic rants which follow.

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