Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Destroy the Social “Norm”

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Have you ever realized how much the English language has changed over the past century, decade, or even the years? Our dictionary is constantly being updated with new words every day. Words like “swag”, “selfie”, and “YOLO” are being added to the dictionary as our world begins to use them more and more. Although new words are being added, older words are being redefined. One word in particular that has changed is the word “gay”. In older times, the word gay meant happy. However, now gay means homosexual. In our society today, we are so quickly to say “that is so gay.” As if the word gay has a negative connotation around it. Our society as a whole is homophobic. While some groups accept that homosexual couples are just like everyone else, other groups view them as “the others.”  While discussing Privilege and Inequality, I thought about how easily it is just to label everyone in our society. How often do you avoid someone that you know is homosexual or bisexual? Is it easy to accept those people into our society? I believe that if our society learned to be concerned about ourselves instead of those around us, we would not have a social “norm.” Why do we even need a “norm” if no one is normal to begin with?

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