Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Is “mythical norm” the “real” norm?

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In today’s society, most people will say that they have been wrongly judged or have seen someone else that has been judged based solely off of appearance or background. According to the “mythical norm,” one must be a white, thin, wealthy, young, christian male to be considered “normal.”  Because of this “norm,” most are constantly being judged or put down by others who feel they are superior to those who do not fall under certain categories that the “norm” sets.

The “isms” that are established make it easy for people to criticize others’ age, looks, and background. In the world we live in today, these “isms” are constantly exerting power over other people, and others may not even realize that they are discriminating against people who are different than themselves. For example, ableism is occurring everyday, and it is going unnoticed. Some restaurants, gas stations, etc. do not accommodate those with disabilities. People with disabilities are just as good as the ones who fall under the “mythical norm,” and they deserve to be able to access the same things. If you think about it, not many actually fit into every one of the categories that the “mythical norm” sets. It limits people who may look different on the outside or come from a less wealthy family to a lower standard in comparison to those who fit in the categories; therefore, it gives the ones that do fit under the “mythical norm” a superiority to others that they should not have.





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