Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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When using the “isms” at the end of particular words, often times we do not realize the big discrimination that is being emphasized. “Isms” exert power over a less dominant group. “Isms” can be very judgmental in a variety of different ways. Judging the color of your skin, your gender, and even your sexuality. The most common use of the “isms” would be racism. Often times when racism is the case, whites are known to be superior to blacks. How can the color of your skin determine your ability to be above the opposite? That would relate all the way back to slavery people where raised and taught by history that whites are better than blacks, but no one can physically change the color of their skin to be equal to the group with the most power. Sexism is another that is used which gives males more power than females. Sexism does nothing but create an unfair stereotypes against  women. The question that ponders my mind is why is it even necessary to split everyone into particular groups to judge them or to give them higher power than one another? It is not necessary it is ridiculous to be so judgmental towards one another.  “Isms” are extremely over rated!


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