Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Toilet Training

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When you feel the urge to go to the bathroom, wherever you may be, you get up and go right?  It never runs across your mind that someone might would stop you from doing something that comes so naturally to your body. Every bathroom is designated for males, females, handicaps, or families. But what happens when you do not fit into any of those categories? Does that really make you not able to do what everyone’s bodies are designed to do? Transgender’s have to face this problem everyday. If your not built with the body part that the little stick people on bathroom doors represent does that really give people the right to stop you from doing your business? Apparently to some people it does mean that. Public bathrooms have separate stalls for everyone, why should it matter if the person next to you has a penis rather then a vagina. Why is it socially acceptable to bring children of either sex into any bathroom but it is not okay for a human of whatever sex they may consider themselves to not go into any bathroom they please. People that are not transgender feel the need to stop those of which from going to the bathroom simply because it is not okay with them. The health concerns of holding in ones urine is extremely serious, some may lose complete control over their bladders because of it. Why would you want to hurt someone just because they are different then you? This pink and blue little stick figures should be removed from all bathrooms, that is not what we, as the human race are. There should be bathrooms put into place that do not specifically require certain body parts to enter. Toilet Training has really opened my eyes to a problem I had never even thought was going on. We are all people. We may be different in certain aspects but when it comes down to it we are alike and we all need to be treated like so.


One thought on “Toilet Training

  1. great point about bringing children of either sex into the bathroom!

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