Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Toilet training

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Toilet training

Going to the bathroom should be a human right, but we take it for granted. Why would anyone stop us from entering the restroom facility? There is a clear sign at the door showing a human figure with a skirt or trousers, that entitles us to enter, right? But what if you don’t identify yourself with any of those signs? Or if you do, but others don’t? What if you just enter the room in an urgency and somebody screams at you and tells you to leave? Or if someone just takes the opportunity to beat you or rape you telling you that it is your fault because you were not in the appropiate facility?
What would you do then? Wait in the hallway until nobody can see you entering? Wait for hours at work holding your needs until your shift is done? Is that life?
We should think about this matters and respect every person in the same way. We should understand that going to the restroom is a need, not a luxury. We should let every person decide what their identity is and then act accordingly.
Don’t we all have the right to preserve our dignity?


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