Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Toilet Training

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In class we watched a video clip from Toilet Training. It was about individuals who where transgender and faced persistent harassment, discrimination and violence that they face when they need to use the restroom because of gender segregated restrooms.  Of course these individuals go against the social norm because they dress differently from people of their same sex. They do not feel comfortable in that body so they dress to suit themselves. This causes a problem because when they need to use the restroom, where do they go? Does the man that is dressed like a woman use the men’s or women’s restroom, and the other way around? These individuals expressed the violence and harassment that they faced just to use the restroom. Some say that they bring all this on themselves because they chose that lifestyle, but that is just because they are not what society considers normal. Along with the constant harassment from people, not being able to use the restroom causes health problems for these individuals. If you have to ‘hold it’ for too long then you can be faced with serious health issues. Among those are bladder infections and diseases. Also they might face mental and emotional damage because they feel they are not accepted by society, when they are just doing what feels normal to them. So what can be done to make this less of an issue? Some places have gender neutral restrooms where they can go into a private place without a label plastered on the wall. That makes it less of a scene to use the restroom. No one else is in there, and most of the time, no one stands outside of them looking at who goes into the restroom.This could help the trans individuals feel more comfortable and at peace when they need to use the restroom.


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