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Dying to be Thin

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This video really put eating disorder in perspective for me. I love food, I love eating. My issue is, I never remember to eat. Occasionally, I’ll realize I haven’t eaten in hours upon hours, or even a day. However, I also just assumed it was because I’m so busy all the time. I go to school full time, and I work fifty hours a week.

I’m not by any means saying this is an eating disorder. However, I could see how that something like this could easily cycle into a big problem for someone with poor body image, or someone suffering from the pressure to be thin. As a ninteen year old American female, body image is no stranger to me, and my previous beliefs of “this could never happen to me” surrounding eating disorders are false. Like many people, I thought eating disorders were extremly less common then they actually are. I thought it mostly happened to dancers, models, and victims of sexual abuse. Now that I’ve been forced to rethink these veiws, I realize that those beliefs were erroneous, and eating disorders can affect anyone, at any time. I think that the next step to lessen the prevelance of eating disorders is stigma relief, and society being more open minded to more conventional and realistic beauty ideals.

Also, I was excited when in the video, one of the girls’ enrolled in a ballet school’s teacher was all for healthy means of maintaining weight and was involved in his dancer’s recovery from her eating disorders. I think that more dance professionals and modeling agents should be focused on the health of the people they work with, rather than only on the way they look. There are healthy ways of losing and maintaing weight which can be much more affective then starvation. I think it is important to keep dancers and models up-to-date on information regarding their health (such as bone marrow scans) and healthy ways to remain their target weight, as well as information about how to seek help if the fear they may have or be at risk of developing an eating disorder.


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