Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

As Ke$ha would say… “WE R WHO WE R”

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Having that “perfect” body image has affected so many women in today’s society. Everyone, or at least it seems like everyone, wants to have the ideal body. But what is the ideal body? Who is the one that put stipulations on what is or is not attractive? Wanting the perfect body has even caused young women to acquire eating disorders, become involved with drugs, start smoking, and become self-conscious of their appearance.

It seems like it has been drilled in our heads since we started school that you have to be thin in order to fit in or for guys to like you. I even fell in this trap to a point. If I gained weight, I would freak out because I wasn’t as skinny or in shape as others. I would constantly compare myself to other girls to see how I looked compared to them. Even my little sister, who is eleven, asked me, “Sam, do you think I’m fat?” I of course told her she is not, because she is nowhere near fat. She continued to tell me that some kids at school told her that her stomach is shaped weird and that she isn’t skinny. This broke my heart. I hate that society has created a norm as to what women should look like. IT IS RIDICULOUS!

I just want to stress that you are who you are. God has made everyone special with numerous shapes and sizes. There should not be one set body type that is acceptable. We should stand proud of what we look like and put an end to this body image norm! 

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