Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Body Image

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One subject we discussed in class that really caught my attention was body image. People are categorized today by the way they look or how much they weigh. I personally began to look at myself and my image as we were discussing the topic. When I first began college, I tried my jeans and shorts on and started to feel really bad about myself. I had always been “skinny” and I realized my clothes were getting tighter. I reached the point of crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to grow. I learned through this lecture that even though I am not “skinny”, I am not overweight either. I am at a healthy weight for my size so I should be proud of my newly formed curves and rock them. Both men and women have now been trying to transform their weight and image based on what the society thinks is “beautiful.”

During class this week, we watched a video called “Dying to be Thin.” This video really opened my eyes to what people really put themselves through to feel what they believe is beautiful. I was in dance up until age 12. I performed a variety of different dances, but I was not asked to lose weight. I have met some amazing dancers that were not a “stick.” They could out dance me any day. No matter the situation, you should feel gorgeous in your own skin and never put yourself at risk. Eating disorders are treatable but can be deadly if taken so far. You can also become anorexic by over exercising. Never put your life at risk when you are already beautiful in your own way.

Another part of body image people are self conscious about is their private areas. Young girls, practically children, are beginning to want breast implants to make themselves more appealing and successful. It’s just such a sad situation when the parents encourage the decision for breast implants. Parents should be telling their daughter how she is beautiful the way she is and that she doesn’t need fake boobs to build her success. Not only is breast implants popular,  but also labia construction. Women see these pornography and play boy bunnies and start to wonder about themselves. They feel like their vagina are not “cute” enough. Women’s personal areas can now be pierced, reconstructed, and trimmed. Genitals were not created to be sexy in my opinion. Technology has truly became interesting and body image has became important to some individuals.


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