Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Body Image

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Society puts so much emphasis on body image that many people would go to extremes just to feel accepted. The discussions in class this week have been really eye opening to all the things that people will put themselves through or do to themselves.

I knew that eating disorders existed, but I didn’t really know how many people have one and it may not even be noticeable. I’ve never been a dancer, so it was shocking to me that so many dancers actually have eating disorders because they want a better chance at getting a lead role. It’s sad that this happens every day around us. Most media only show and glorify stick skinny women, so many women feel like they have to look like that. It’s reassuring to know that there is a plus size modeling industry because they give women a new hope and show that everyone is beautiful no matter the size or shape.

Another topic we covered about body image was completely new to me: designer vaginas. I really don’t understand why women would do this to themselves. Women should be secure with how they were made and not feel like they have to get it fixed to look like a Barbie. It was mentioned that sometimes maybe the husband suggests that his wife have vaginal rejuvenation or something after having several children. Why should a woman be made to feel bad about how her parts look considering she gave birth to his children? I don’t think stuff like this should be done unless it is medically needed. No matter what, women should not be made to feel bad or like they have to change anything about themselves to fit in.


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