Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“Dying To Be Thin”

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Watching the video on anorexia really gave me a vivid understandimg on people who are diagnosed with such a horrible disease. I use to think how could someone be dumb enough to eat and then throw it back up. When in reslity these people are not dumb they are emotionally unstable and want to fit in the best way poosible. It is understood that television, magazines, and billboards all avertise slim fit women. Most women are so skinmy it is so hard to belive that they are comfortable with being nothing but skin and bones. As one lady mentioned in the video she was raised around healthy, thick imdidvuals. I am personally raised the same, I do not know anyone who wants to be extremely small. I’ve been small all my life and I wish I could gain a couple of pounds. The most important thing that was mentioned in the video, is that it is all what you see. If skinny women are receiving all the attention then why not be smaller. One thing that completely shocked me Is knowing that men are capable of becoming anorexic, I honestly thought  it was a women’s illness. This all boils down to advertisement.  What we see on tv is  not realistic.  More people should be encouraged that no matter what your size  is, love yourself for who you are.


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