Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Dying To Be Thin

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Dying to be Thin is a really good documentary that deals mostly with the prevalent disease, anorexia. I personally found this film to be good because it looks closely at the immediate, long-term, and emotional effects that anorexia has. I feel like in schools, we always learn about anorexia but we don’t always learn or understand the consequences it has on the body. Yes, we learn that it can definitely kill you if not treated, but what about all the other stuff? Such as, the major effects it can have on your bones! The malnutrition from it causes bones to decrease in density every year. The loss of bone density is very serious since it can never be regained. So, if one is anorexic throughout their teenage years, by the time they reach their forties and fifties, there is a considerable possibility that they could have severe osteoporosis, with limited mobility. Additionally, the feature looks at the psychological part of anorexia. To many with anorexia, not eating gives a sense of self-control, which many feel is lacking from their lives. Moreover, I think it sadly gives many a feeling of self-worth and satisfaction. Each time they weigh themselves and it is confirmed that they have lost more weight; there is a perception of achievement. I can understand how this could be addictive. On the other hand, I assume if one weighs in and they have actually gained weight, that realization could be devastating, causing them to sink even deeper into the disease. The rehabilitation for anorexia is very difficult, but it seems the more we are studying it, the better treatments there are. Facilities now are offering full staffs to help individual patients. I think the more we continue to study anorexia, the better they will be able to successfully treat it. 


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