Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dying to be thin

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The ideal of beauty is not something new. In past times, women have put their bodies at risk in order to change it according to what was fashionable at that point. It has certainly not being always the ideal of skinny. I remember my grandma telling me about those times when they used to laugh at her because she was too skinny, even comparing her to a bonefish. Back then, in those years after the war, a curvy girl was considered healthy and attractive, while a thin girl was not. However, in a different time, decades before that, women wore corsets to make their waists smaller. And If we look at history in different parts of the world, we will find different examples of women trying to change their bodies to achieve what it is considered beautiful, as chinese shoes or african neck rings.

The difference this time is the impact of the media. It can highly influence young women in a way that it never did before. Now fashionable bodies are fashionable worldwide, and there is no way of escaping from the standard, even if diversity should be appreciated more than ever. However, I think we can use the media in the opposite sense, to create awareness about the problem and to make people understand the risk involved. With documentaries, as the one we saw in class, I think we can improve and actually change something: create awareness about diversity and not standard beauty.


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