Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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How Much Is Too Much?

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Dying to Be Thin reminded me of my best friend this past summer. For his whole life, he had been on the heavier side, which can be mostly contributed to his biological composition. He, like most overweight teenagers, was picked on and teased on a daily basis by both his friends and family. So over the summer, he began to stop eating and practically worked out whenever he could. I watched as my best friend went from about 300 pounds to a little over 200 pounds in a matter of two months. It was not healthy for him to be losing 5 to 10 pounds per day, working out over 4 hours, and not eating food. I making me sick looking back onto it now. However, it began to rub off on me. It seemed like a high to see how long your body could run without food, kinda like an adrenaline rush. He could have died in the middle of all this. He did this to make everyone else around him happy, instead of doing it for himself. Yet, he still is not happy with himself. It truly becomes a physiological disorder. It is the same thing that models and dancers do to conform to a particular body image, but I never thought it could have happened to someone that close to me. Dying to Be Thin shined a new light on anorexia that I had never seen. I have heard about people having it, but actually getting to see what happens to the human body, how the bones virtually disappear, mortifies me. I watched a show on Netflix called Skins, which is about teenagers about our age somewhere in Europe dealing with typical teenage problems. One girl on the show deals with anorexia and one quote she says regarding going on a date with a boy is: “I’ve starved myself for three days so I could be pretty.” It is crazy how that does not seems to shock anyone; yet, it is a growing problem in our world.

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