Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Double Standard

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     As women we are faced with the infamous double standard in society. We learn that boys should be sexual from a young age and as girls, we should never have sex until we are married and settled down with family. Or in movies, the geeky guy ends up with the pretty, popular girl. Another issue with double standards is women are judged by age. It’s like in Hollywood the older a woman gets the less beautiful she is, the less movies she gets roles in and the less successful she is. Also, more attention is paid to how a woman’s body looks. Women’s success is primarily based on how she looks. Everything in a woman’s world revolves around appearance. It’s like we have a shelf life. As we get older, time runs out on being beautiful, wearing nice clothes or keeping higher positions in the work force. 

     On the flip side of this, there are men. They don’t seem to have to worry about anything. They can sit how the want, say what they feel, dress however and the automatic response to his actions are, “Oh, he’s a man. It’s okay.” Unlike women in Hollywood, men can be old as dirt and still have the leading role in movies. A man’s grey hair and a little age make him sexy and experienced, therefore, making him successful. A man is judged based primarily off of how successful he is and how much money he makes. You could even go as far as to say he’s also ranked higher if he has a hot wife or girlfriend, or has women swooning over him.


     Women have to work twice as hard in today’s society to gain respect that we want. Most of the time we’re used for sexual objectification. A scantily clad young woman eating a Hot-Pocket will attract more consumers. As they say, “Sex sells.” Men usually don’t feel like they’re being used as an object like women do. So it’s safe to say that there is an obvious double standard in today’s society. Women are supposed to be wholesome, pure, keep a family together and have dinner ready when her husband comes home at the end of the day, but we’re being used as sex symbols at the same time. It’s extremely unfair to us. We also have to work harder in our jobs to gain a little respect and credibility. If you’re a woman with a high ranking job, people automatically think or assume, “I wonder who she slept with to get that job,” like we aren’t capable of being successful on our own.  

     The double standard is obvious and it is unfair to us, but we have to work around it everyday. It’s sad to think that in today’s society that’s the normal. There is nothing normal about seductively eating a Hot-Pocket just to sell something. But women are constantly putting themselves in these roles because it’s normal in our society. The majority of people see nothing wrong with using women as an advertising market or just another object to have as a side piece.


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