Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The War on Beauty

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In society today, a woman hears the word “beauty” so often, that she can become physically sick of it. Magazines are constantly plastering what they believe is beauty, which is rarely authentic. Movies cast their most beautiful opinion for the leading female roles. Advertisements have to present their idea of beauty as well. The types of media throwing beauty around just goes on and on. Therefore, millions of women involuntarily believe they have to look and/or act like the various women in the media to be beautiful. Against our will, we all see these women and desire to be like them. We must think, if we resemble them, the whole world would be in awe of us too. This way of thinking is tragic and ridiculous. The more you have these wishes, the more dangerous it can get. I will not deny it. I feel the same exact way as many others, probably to a significantly bad degree. After learning how serious the word “beauty” can be, I found my solution for the war on beauty. 

When I see women in the media who are thought to be beautiful, I often think the woman is beautiful as well. I do not think this way because her characteristics are appealing to me, it’s because the media conditions us to think this is beauty. They make movies with outcast girls often being overweight. They show us advertisements with a guy drooling over a stick thin blonde with a large bust. We see these same images over and over again, which causes us to eventually think this way. For example, my idea of beauty is a girl with a neutral skin tone, natural makeup, and an average sized waist. However, that is far from society’s tan, outrageously noticeable makeup, and hourglass figure. But, if the media published pictures of my idea of beauty, I guarantee the majority of society’s mind would experience a sudden change. If I or any other woman wants to be beautiful, she has to feel it within herself. Her beauty is not determined by the media, society, or her peers. Every women has to find what she believes is beautiful and not be lead astray by unrealistic and overrated images. Simply put, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. 


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