Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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In today’s society women in the workforce are becoming more and more prominent. But as women are excelling in jobs and proving they can do work effectively, men are still being rewarded and paid more than the women are. Women are starting be aware of this and wondering why? How come women can do the same job as men, and have the same qualifications but make less when compared to the men in their job? It seems like women are content with being overlooked and not recognized for their achievements. Women need to take a stand and show that we can are just as good as men, can make important as men, and we are just as smart and powerful.

Women do so much more than men do, in general. As the world is changing and traditions begin to change, more women are partaking in the business world. Women not only go and work a full time job, they care for the household, and they take care of the children, if they have any. A woman’s work day never really ends. It continues long after they get home each day. Women need to realize that they are good enough for a raise and stand up for what is best for them.


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Are the Polygamy and Polygyny Ideologies Progressive In Marriage?

When hearing of polygamy and polygyny, we may first think of an interpretation of religion or the illegality of the union .  However, we tend to neglect the culture and psychology of the polygamist lifestyle as it is their true ‘norm’ in family marriage.  According to the film seen in class, having more than one wife or husband is not just the interpretation of  a religious doctrine, but also an evolving standard that more than one partner can support a relationship. The following post is my own analysis of polygamist/polygynist marriages and whether this lifestyle is the new progressive movement in marriage.  

With several friends from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other countries in the Gulf region, I have learned that polygamy is a part of the lifestyle denoted by the Quran.  Although not all Muslims practice this form of marriage, it shares a common patriarchal lifestyle to some divisions of Mormonism and other doctrines outside the religions of Abraham.  Conversations with friends from polygamist families have taught me that the family can have a normal development.  But the traditional ideology is more of the intertwined relationship of their Islamic doctrine and their national culture.  The Islamic Gulf states value the preservation of these traditions and therefore, polygamy continues to be a traditional but accepted norm for marriage.

 Families  choosing polygamy have found a common interpretation in their varying religious doctrines regarding the orientation of a proper family.  One may argue that it is the same for monogamist couples, our own religious doctrines have shaped our perception of marriage.  This I find true, but the difference is the dispersion of power within the household.  Traditionally, even monogamist couples lived in a patriarchal system, and this mindset has a long way to progress to reach equality.  However, it has progressed, and the roles of women in the household have shifted from subservient to equal or even the ‘power of the purse’. 

Today, polygamists and polyginists find acceptance of their lifestyle either through religious and cultural affiliations or through their personal perspective of the lifestyle that meets their tastes.  Some may believe that this can be a progressive view of marriage.  But with more people, like in any team, comes more dispersion of power and more need for one leader.  If there is a union of more than two, there will be an imbalance of power structure and the decision making in the household.  Inequality is many steps backward in my perception of marriage. Polygamy and polygyny cannot equally distribute power and influence in the household; and so this ideology will remain a narrow minded traditionalist ideology.

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Women in the Workforce

Women have been controlled, sterotyped, and known as weak for many years. As long as I’ve known the history of women,  it is hard to fimd a hard workimg women to look up to, simply because society pays women less, some even believe women should not work, or are not capable of the same work ethics as men. Even back in olden times, women were not allowed to work. Their job was to stay at home, take care of children, cook, and clean. For some odd reason I can not find an explanation for such non sense. As we dicussed today in class, men have always been known to make more money than women, but how can you base someone’s pay on their gender.Society is so bias to men. Women never get the benefit of the doubt, or the higher end of the stick. It is hard to be encourage to perform or do you best when your always going to be judged, and even paid less, just because of your gender. That is why I totally disagree with the whole men are better than women thing,  mainly because we are all capable of the same work ethic. Men might have more strenth, but they should always remember the saying thar girls are smarter! We might not rule the world, but we have the capability of doing so, if given the opportunity. I believe that if we were all given the same opportunity and look at the same, there would be more women at the top then men.

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Is monogamy considered old school?

I grew up in a household where monogamy was the key to relationships. I had never really considered the idea of having a relationship with more then one person at the same time, it just did not seem natural to me considering how I was raised. I, of course, have heard of people cheating in their relationships, but does that necessarily mean they are against monogamous relationships? Just because you cheat does that make you a polygamist? Now I’ve heard of polygamy before, but I thought it was more present in other cultures then in my own. I have recently discovered, however, that it is becoming more prevalent in the United States and that kind of astonishes me. In class, we watched a clip from Sister Wives, this was the first time I had ever watched the show and I was quite surprised. It showed a man with three wives. three. I cannot even manage my own relationship half the time and I am just with one guy. It seems ridiculous to me that a man would think he needs more then one wife. and it seems even more ridiculous to me that a woman would want to stay with a man who is sleeping and impregnanting other women at the same time as she. The first thought that came to my mind when I watched this show was, “What if everyone was like this?” If every man had three wives and those wives kept having children who got married to other “sister wives” children and the chain kept going, wouldn’t incest become an impending threat soon? 

Back onto the actually family views, how would these children grow up? twenty or so children in a household having three different mothers and one dad that goes around with every one of them? Where is the actual family structure? What morals are these children learning? I see it that every night, two of those mother’s are sleeping alone without the warmth or reassurance of their man holding them tight at night. I see woman with holding their emotions about jealousy within their selves instead of letting it out and talking about it. That, in my mind, is NOT something children should grow up in. America has been a greedy place in the past, but to have to have more then one person to call “the love of your life” is just selfish and greedy in my opinion. I cannot support these kinds of relationships. 


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Women in the Workforce

I’m a woman. Apparently I can’t make important decisions; I’m not strong; I’m emotional ALL the time; I have no confidence; And a man is just flat out bigger and better than me. WRONG! Too many people today think this (or if they don’t, they have thought something similar to this.) I don’t understand why women are looked down upon. These stereotypes are not true, at all.  We discussed today in class how men tend to receive higher pay in the workforce. I don’t understand why. In my opinion, how much a person makes should depend on their skill and experience. Gender should NOT have anything to do with it. I haven’t personally encountered discrimination in the workforce. But I have encountered it in sports. Guys are faster, stronger, and better at sports than girls. WRONG!! I remember one time in middle school I asked to play football with a group of guys. They just laughed and ignored me. I jumped in and actually showed many of them up. They respected me after that.

So the lesson is… Unless we stand up and prove to the world that women are just as good as men, we will never get rid of the stereotypes that have somehow been placed in our society. So get out there, apply for big and important leadership positions, demand higher pay (or at least equal to that of men), believe in yourself, and prove to the world that women can do it all!

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Different Views of Marriage

In today’s society marriage is traditionally seen as one man and one woman. Some view it as a man and a man or a woman and a woman, but not many typically take into consideration polygamy. Like most, I have heard of it before, but I have never really understood it. Since watching the videos in class, I understand where the people involved were coming from. Some of the women in the video said that they were brought up in polygamist families. If that is how you were brought up, then why would you believe any different? I never took in to consideration their backgrounds or history behind it; I just immediately pushed the idea out of my head. After watching the videos I definitely have a different opinion about it. I think that it would be really tough to have a marriage situation with more than one wife or husband, but I respect the ones who do for fighting through it and becoming a family together. One of the other things we talked about in class was polyamory. I think it happens today more often than we realize. The way I perceived it in class is just having more than one love. If you really think about it, even just someone cheating on his or her boyfriend or girlfriend could technically be considered polyamory if the person was in love with both people. On the other hand, it can just be a big group sharing love with each other. Polyamory confused me a little bit at first, but I have a little bit better of an understanding now.

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Polygamy and Polyamory

Before this class, I had only briefly heard about polygamy. I knew there was a reality show on television about it, but I had never watched it. The whole idea of it actually just confused me. I did not understand why more than one woman would want to share one man. Up until we talked about it during class and watched a video about it, when I thought of polygamy, I had negative feelings towards the men who were a part of it. Now that I know a little more, I do not really have those same feelings. I know that I shouldn’t have judged them in the first place. It really is not any different than how I was raised where marriage was simply between one man and one woman. The women in the video explained how they were pretty much born into that lifestyle. I was completely shocked that one of the wives said that she had 67 siblings.

Another topic we discussed, I had not heard of at all before. We watched another short video clip about polyamory-loving more than one. I cannot say that I could begin to really understand that. To me it seemed like they just did not want to settle down with one person, so they had a group of people so they could have options when they got tired of one person. Maybe there is more to it that I just don’t understand, but again, I think a lot of it has to do with what kind of situation a person is raised in and around all of their life.