Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

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In today’s society women in the workforce are becoming more and more prominent. But as women are excelling in jobs and proving they can do work effectively, men are still being rewarded and paid more than the women are. Women are starting be aware of this and wondering why? How come women can do the same job as men, and have the same qualifications but make less when compared to the men in their job? It seems like women are content with being overlooked and not recognized for their achievements. Women need to take a stand and show that we can are just as good as men, can make important as men, and we are just as smart and powerful.

Women do so much more than men do, in general. As the world is changing and traditions begin to change, more women are partaking in the business world. Women not only go and work a full time job, they care for the household, and they take care of the children, if they have any. A woman’s work day never really ends. It continues long after they get home each day. Women need to realize that they are good enough for a raise and stand up for what is best for them.


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