Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

My Opinion on Family Structures

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This past week, we learned about some different family structures that exist in the world. For myself, I am accustomed to monogamous relationships. The only relationships I have ever seen around me have been monogamous. I have never even thought of relationships with multiple wives and/or husbands, except when I have seen stories of them on the news. Every time I have heard someone speak of different family structure like polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory, it has been extremely negative. Therefore, without knowing adequate knowledge of different family structures, I have been conditioned to think they are the oddest relationship imaginable. After learning in detail about these types of relationships, I have become more open and not so quick to judge the topic.

As silly as it sounds, my only concern with these type of relationships is jealousy. I could not imagine having my boyfriend have relationships with other women while he was with me too. Likewise, I could not imagine trying to have relationships with other men. It already takes so much out of a person to build a successful relationship with just one person!

After watching videos in class, I did see there are some decent advantages to these different family structures. There is the fact that in a polyandry relationship, that there are more men to provide for the family. It is getting harder everyday for people to support themselves and there families. Also, just having more people around to take care of the home and the family is a big advantage. If someone is facing these types of problems and are open to a different family structure, I believe it would be a healthy choice for them. 

I guess the whole idea of these relationships is weird to me because society around me made it that way. With all different choices in the world, everyone should be able to believe and do as they please. I enjoy my monogamous relationships and watching others around me grow into a happy family. It would be heartbreaking to find that the majority think this beautiful thing is strange. Monogamous is the family structure I am thankful to choose, so others should be able to do the same without persecution. I have learned family structures like polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory are not as bad as the media made them out to be. If it is the lifestyle for you, live it despite what others may think.


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