Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“The Many Myths About Mothers Who ‘Opt Out'”

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Nanette Fondas article The Many Myths About Mothers Who ‘Opt Out’ strives to put into perspective the various situations mothers face, and the myths that surround those situations. One part that really stood out to me was the myths surrounding successful career women who have given up work to raise families. These women had good jobs, were often highly respected, and could easily afford childcare. So the question becomes why have they chosen to be housewives? And from this question the myths grow. Examples of these myths includes the following, they do not have a focus on work but are more “traditional” believing they should stay home with their kids, one myth went as far as to say they were not as intelligent or educated. When looking at individual situations though, Fondas finds that this is not the case. Many of these women really had no other choice but to quit their jobs. Some were working with companies that would not compromise hours, and wanted up to 60 hours a week, something highly unfeasible for a new mom. So for many, there was never even a choice, they were in a way pushed out of their jobs. I find this sad, because while some companies provide paid maternity leave, or at least compromise with hours, other companies do not. This leaves mothers with a choice that I feel they should never have to face. I also could see this leading many women to not have children for fear of losing her job.


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