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Women in Broadcasting: What are they saying?

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In Women’s Studies, this week we have been discussing women in the work force. Most American’s know there is a gender gap in all aspects of women verses men in all areas of the workforce. First of all, men are paid higher wages than women. A study was made a few years ago that for every dollar an average, white male makes, an average white woman makes .77 cents. The amount decreases as ethnicity changes for the woman. It is 2014 and women are still earning less. This is a problem.

My field of study is Mass Communications. My goal is to be a news anchor one day so this made me think about my future career. When you turn on the news, who do you see? Is the ratio of men anchors equal to women? Surprisingly today, women do in fact make up to 50% of news anchors. However, only 25 years ago, women only made up 13% of broadcasters. So yes in Anchorman when chaos breaks out because of a female in their territory, could have happened. Exaggerated , of course, but it was unusual. 

Since women are represented in television media, how is it going? I would like to focus on sportscasting in particular, Erin Andrews. She is easily the most well known woman sportscaster in America. She has worked for ESPN and Fox. She even co-hosted a football program on ESPN. Even though she is established as an informative anchor, do men take her seriously? I would argue they do not. Every guy I have talked to only comments are her looks, not on her opinion of who will win the game. She has even experienced stalking but it was because she is attractive, not because they wanted to ask about her knowledge of sports. 

As a student, teachers have told me I would be good for that field because of my name or looks, not because of my work. Are women making strides in this industry because of their talent or are they used as visual pleasure? Personally, I think it depends on the station if it is local or national. It varies. It is definitely an interesting thought to keep in mind as I pursue this field. I hope to be valued for my work instead of my looks. 


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I am a Mass Communication student at East Tennessee State University. While in college, I have discovered a love for discussion, writing, and technology. A couple of my blogs are for my classes while my latest one is an outlet for me to express my opinions are various issues. Enjoy.

One thought on “Women in Broadcasting: What are they saying?

  1. Mass Comm is fascinating when it comes to gender dynamics. I usually bring up the industry when I refer to the double standard when we discuss beauty ideals, but probably forgot to this time. there’s so much great research and information about gender and mass comm. I have a fantastic book that might interest you (Knowing Your Value — will bring it to class next time for you to borrow.

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