Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women in the Workforce

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Women have been controlled, sterotyped, and known as weak for many years. As long as I’ve known the history of women,  it is hard to fimd a hard workimg women to look up to, simply because society pays women less, some even believe women should not work, or are not capable of the same work ethics as men. Even back in olden times, women were not allowed to work. Their job was to stay at home, take care of children, cook, and clean. For some odd reason I can not find an explanation for such non sense. As we dicussed today in class, men have always been known to make more money than women, but how can you base someone’s pay on their gender.Society is so bias to men. Women never get the benefit of the doubt, or the higher end of the stick. It is hard to be encourage to perform or do you best when your always going to be judged, and even paid less, just because of your gender. That is why I totally disagree with the whole men are better than women thing,  mainly because we are all capable of the same work ethic. Men might have more strenth, but they should always remember the saying thar girls are smarter! We might not rule the world, but we have the capability of doing so, if given the opportunity. I believe that if we were all given the same opportunity and look at the same, there would be more women at the top then men.


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