Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women in the Workforce

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I’m a woman. Apparently I can’t make important decisions; I’m not strong; I’m emotional ALL the time; I have no confidence; And a man is just flat out bigger and better than me. WRONG! Too many people today think this (or if they don’t, they have thought something similar to this.) I don’t understand why women are looked down upon. These stereotypes are not true, at all.  We discussed today in class how men tend to receive higher pay in the workforce. I don’t understand why. In my opinion, how much a person makes should depend on their skill and experience. Gender should NOT have anything to do with it. I haven’t personally encountered discrimination in the workforce. But I have encountered it in sports. Guys are faster, stronger, and better at sports than girls. WRONG!! I remember one time in middle school I asked to play football with a group of guys. They just laughed and ignored me. I jumped in and actually showed many of them up. They respected me after that.

So the lesson is… Unless we stand up and prove to the world that women are just as good as men, we will never get rid of the stereotypes that have somehow been placed in our society. So get out there, apply for big and important leadership positions, demand higher pay (or at least equal to that of men), believe in yourself, and prove to the world that women can do it all!

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