Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women Stepping Back Instead of Forwards

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Sheryl Sandberg made a valid point when talking about why there are such few women in leadership roles. She talks about how women expecting to start a family begin to withdraw themselves from leadership or promotions. I believe that women do limit themselves in the work place. There are very few women that strive to be on top. Many women would rather sit back and have someone else in control. Even so, “The Many Myth about Mothers Who ‘Opt Out'” follows along with her point. Women are too afraid to take a stand for what they need. I believe that women try to satisfy other. Instead of speaking to a supervisor about how having a baby will affect how many hours she will be able to spend at work, she will decide to just drop work all together or give up a promotion. However, both Mrs. Sandberg and the article made me realize how easy it is for women, including myself, to step back from leadership. Women should be assertive and progressive. How different would the world be if women were just as assertive as men were? Would there be gender basis anymore? Would our health care be more gender equal?

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