Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Rights for People with Disablities

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The “Scarlet Road” showed me a part of prostitution that I have never seen before. In America, especial Hollywood, prostitutes are shown in a negative light. In many American movies, prostitutes stand on the street corner with big fur coats, miniskirts, and fishnets. I never would have thought that prostitution would be an organized career.  However, I appreciate that the sex workers in “Scarlet Road” show that sex workers are just like ordinary people. Yet, I believe that they strive to voice their opinions. I never would have thought that sex workers would be continuing their education in this profession. Rachel really shows how sex workers are just like normal people. Even so, she strives to educate the world about her causes. I felt sympathetic towards people with disabilities just by the way they talked about how they have needs like every other human being. I believe that people with disabilities should have rights to sex workers, because they are not able to satisfy their own sexual needs. I do not believe anyone should be rejected the rights to their sexuality. Why should people with disabilities be denied their rights to exploring their sexuality? I believe that Touching Base should be available to all people with disabilities.


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