Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Scarlet Road

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During class this week we watched a video called Scarlet Road. The video was about an Australian sex worker named Rachel. Rachel has been in sex working for years and now contains her own business in it. Watching this video gave me a whole new perspective to the term “prostitution.” I never realized some sex workers choose to perform in that particular career because some of them enjoy the job of making someone happy. Rachel is not only paid by the “normal” people, but also the disabled. She has many regular customers that look forward to seeing her and having her company.  Unlike some of her friends, Rachel offers to go on dates for an hour or so and then go to the hotel or house. One disabled man made the statement “Rachel makes me feel normal.” Disabled individuals deserve to live life to the fullness and experience every aspect of the world. They are just like any other person who craves intimacy and attention.

Although I am not comfortable with prostitution, I do respect Rachel. She established an organization called “Touching Base” to fight for what she believes in and has friends in many different countries. She does not only perform for the concept of money, but also enjoys making others happy. She lives a normal life, despite her career, by having a boyfriend, traveling the world, and going to college to reach her goal of a doctorate. She shows compassion and fondness for her career and is not shy to tell you she is a sex worker. She expands her boundaries and provides for those who don’t have the same opportunities as the rest of the world despite the hardships that go with the job.

I have not been brought up around prostitution so I have always seen it as a negative way of life. The only place I have even heard of it around here was in Las Vegas when i visited for vacation. So, I didn’t know what to expect when we first started watching the movie and I am still not quite sure what to think. There is both positive and negative sides to the special way Rachel performs her job. I like that she takes the time and goes to dinner and makes them feel special but that special feeling doesn’t last when she leaves. Intimacy is supposed to be valued. My opinion is intimacy should be shared with the one you love and plan on spending the rest of your life with. No offense to Rachel, but do the customers truly feel intimacy? They do not share “love” or “feelings” for one another. The craving of just being touched or how long you can afford with the sex worker shouldn’t be the only way to happiness in life. Life is full of happiness, you just have to find it.


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